Ste Carey

Bushcraft and Environmental instructor

I grew up near a forest in the Midlands where I spent as much of my childhood in the local woodland as possible. With much inspiration from Ray Mears I learnt how to catch fish with nothing but my hands, spent days building large elaborate shelters and experimented with different ways of lighting fire. As I matured my ‘romantic’ idea of living from nature alone turned into more of a scientific approach learning about natural history and how ancient people used to live from the land. This passion for Bushcraft has lead me around the world; from meeting the Maoris in New Zealand to America where I worked as a Nature Director at YMCA Camp Mason. Here I introduced bushcraft to the camp and lead trips out into the forest, rivers and lakes. I went on to the White Mountain National Forest to spend time in a true wilderness. It’s here where I experienced a near miss in hurricane Irene, spending the majority of the hurricane in a bivvi bag under my tarp while trails and roads we’re washed away and trees uprooted.

I am currently studying Outdoor Education with Environmental Science at Liverpool John Moores University and training to be an Officer in the British Army as a member of the Northwest Officers Training Regiment (Liverpool).

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