The whole experience was fabulous a hard day walking but definitely made more bearable with Tom our team leader who gave some great advice and helped me complete the challenge an hour earlier than last year.

Talking to the guides was very interesting. My guide was doing the Y3P for the second time in a week.

If you would like a challenge but are not wanting to do it alone then book with the Enjoy outdoors and get instructors who really do more or less hold your hand all the way their support is tremendous and give you the encouragement and some great tips to complete the challenge you set out to do. I’ve booked this event twice with my daughter and both times were thoroughly enjoyable, I’m already planning the next experience we will take with them roll on 2014.

Had a gread days walking, my first one, Tom the Tour guide assessed the ability of the group, we walked ahead he jumped between groups making sure everyone was okay (even offering help to those people who dont like hights (me!)). The weather really helped and there were alot of other groups walking at the same time, it was busy but I liked that. All in all I had a great weekend, completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in 10:42 and had a few drinks (of tea!!!!) at the end. The two pubs are okay and the food I would consider average, however after walking 25 miles…. I’d eat anything. We did hang around a while at the start, but once we got going that was fine…. it also broke it up a little so we were not walking with all the other groups…. after a couple of hours it soon spread out some more.

great day all round really good group to walk with and brill guides, rob and his team, thanks every one for a day to remember.

Our Scuba club decided to have a day out above water, for a change! We canoed down the River Dee near Chester on a glorious Sunday afternoon (19.05.13). The instruction we received was excellent and our group of eleven had a fabulous time. Our ages ranged from 14ys to a slighter maturer 55+ and all of us had a great experience. The equipment was all top notch and we had a choice of how far we wanted to travel. We were all very surprised at how quickly three hours can go !!

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