One year with the DJI Phantom 4 Review

The camera, as expected, is amazing straight out of the depending on the conditions for basic fast flying action - 1080p/120fps Normal or for computer with enough ram and hard drive the 4k 30fps is excellent.

Showreel 2016

Thomas here, I have been putting together my first showreel in the last weeks, its all drone footage as all other files are pretty rough, if possible  I would love your constructive comments. ideally a view for  a story/structure point of view. I want to highlight the strengths of different locations in the story as a aspect … Continue reading Showreel 2016

BBC Secret Britain – Priest’s Hole

In 2015 Enjoy Outdoors Worked with local photographer and researcher Rob Myers, With information and perfect weather, Thanks to EO's Managing Director, Thomas Lynch. The first episode for the BBC documentary called ‘Secret Britain’  Was shown on the 30th March 2016 after filming and research was taken on the 8th August 2015. Leo Holding and father … Continue reading BBC Secret Britain – Priest’s Hole

Snowdonia Days.

A video of short clips of the past trips to North Wales since the start of the year (2016) produced by us, this short video of 26 seconds showcases just a small part of what we get upto what Enjoy outdoors is all about. we are emphasizing the importance of mountain safety with all our … Continue reading Snowdonia Days.

Sublime Climbing Brushes

  Looking back at old footage, Be Boulder Ltd never fails to showcase the heart and soul of all products they get given to test and supply, here we have a short video from back in November 2015. As the video is low quality and a not really a selling bonus for Tom Randall I … Continue reading Sublime Climbing Brushes

Pen yr Ole Wen from the Ogwen Valley.

On the 18th January 2016, the kit was packed and the van was set for a small trip into Snowdonia, Weather was looking poor, 40 mph winds, afternoon downpours and lots of overnight wind slab, due to this we planned to head up the route of Pen Yr Ole, the classic scramble path from Ogwen … Continue reading Pen yr Ole Wen from the Ogwen Valley.

BeBoulder Film

Enjoy Outdoors has been working with Be Boulder Ltd for over 2 years now, From 70 hour weeks, overnight resets to part time instructing. Now EO is part of the family, we produce the videos for the centre, set up interviews and help out here and there. Here is a few pictures from the newest … Continue reading BeBoulder Film

Happy Anniversary for the Blog.

Happy Anniversary with! & registered on 4 years ago. Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

Winter Mountaineering – Scotland

2015 started with a trip to Aviemore, as always Scotland showcased some dramatic weather which ended in some great material and footage recorded by myself and friends, This Included two companies who joined the trip with Enjoy Outdoors, Mountain Monkeys and Northern Rock Expeditions CIC. These photos are a sample of the days mountaineering we … Continue reading Winter Mountaineering – Scotland