DUO Media

With Enjoy Outdoors producing Videos for different commercial business needs within the past 12 months, EO has branded this achievement as a new venture for 2016, DUO Media.

The Idea: Produce, Edit and Shoot Cinematic Footage

Goal: To target Film Aerial Footage Production within the first quarter of 2016

Future: Duo will have to endure some rough patches in the next 12 months before the new designs begin to bolster the Industry, But with the knowledge and Skills of the current setups and strengths of the power of 4k Footage, we at Duo would like to bring you a Adventure Series film set.

2016 Planned Projects include: 

Liverpool Aerial Footage Production.


Be Boulder Ltd. Climbing Production Videos.


A Girl Who Climbs, Blog Video and Edits


DJ Promotional Video – (Victoria Street, Liverpool Baa Bar)


On Demand Band. Music Video


Daryl Wafer Music, Production Shoots and Edit.


Duo Media is coming…