BBC Secret Britain – Priest’s Hole

In 2015 Enjoy Outdoors Worked with local photographer and researcher Rob Myers, With information and perfect weather, Thanks to EO’s Managing Director, Thomas Lynch. The first episode for the BBC documentary called Secret Britain  Was shown on the 30th March 2016 after filming and research was taken on the 8th August 2015.

Leo Holding and father is also a feature in the first Episode climbing in the lovely Borrow dale Crag with presenter Chris Hollins . Link to this preview can be seen here .

Some information from the website below…

We live in a country with some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in the world. It is easy to think of Britain as a crowded place, but with more than sixty million acres to explore there is still plenty of the UK for us to discover and enjoy. 

In this episode of the series that promises to reveal hidden stories and undiscovered parts of the country, Ellie Harrison, Chris Hollins and Denise Lewis explore the Lake District.

Parachuting in – quite literally – Ellie Harrison gets a unique perspective on England’s most popular national park, and she is also let in on the secret of an ancient and long-forgotten part of the Cumbrian landscape.

Meanwhile, Denise Lewis gets to the bottom of the Lakes’ dark and illicit past, and Chris Hollins is coaxed up a sheer cliff face by one of the world’s best climbers – and rewarded with a spectacular view that only a handful of people ever get to see.