Enjoy Outdoors has been working with Be Boulder Ltd for over 2 years now, From 70 hour weeks, overnight resets to part time instructing. Now EO is part of the family, we produce the videos for the centre, set up interviews and help out here and there.

Here is a few pictures from the newest project – Two Years On… All links are in the details below the images. Enjoy

Videos can be found on Youtube on the following Links.

Two Years On… – https://youtu.be/TXSl9Ckwy-c  View Count: 358

One Year On… – https://youtu.be/GGCbwJVPb2Q View Count: 289

Climbing Stereotypes https://youtu.be/XB2oc6pkB2g View Count: 5,034

All counts are based on review of (01/01/2016) not including preview videos etc.