Enjoy Outdoors all started in 2011, Thomas Lynch, Managing Director, Started a degree in BSc Outdoor Education with Environmental Education, as well as working in the Outdoors as a freelance outdoor instructor of some of the biggest challenge events the UK provides. After getting all the qualification and knowledge, Enjoy Outdoors has now provided Challenge events, Logistics, Support and Mountain Film Safety as well as being part of Kendal Mountain Festivals Peoples choice 2014  ‘As the Crow Flies’ Film.

Enjoy Outdoors vision is to support the future of mountain challenge events by keeping them as environmentally friendly as possible, in result a full 10,000 word Dissertation was conducted on the impact and cost of footpath conditions to understand the future of these challenges and how we can all help to support the future of nature and freedom of giving people the chance to enjoy it in a safe manner.

Enjoy Outdoors specialise in bespoke days out for you and your friends – we will match your needs and make sure we both have a great understanding what you’re looking for,  best way to make sure you have the most possible fun is to trust your host, we promise we will meet that need. Your free time is our hard working time so let Enjoy Outdoors  sort the most important things in outdoor enjoyment… the planning, safety & enjoyment factor.

Get in touch to start planning your next adventure.


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